Benefits of handwritten notes

Benefits of handwritten notes

Benefits of handwritten notes vs typed notes

Laptop computers and applications to organize tasks are making a piece of paper and a pencil to look obsolete, but new studies suggest that hand writing focus the attention of a class and drives learning in a way that is not possible when taking notes using a keyboard.

An investigation from the University of Princeton and the University of California in Los Angeles, exposed that the students that took handwritten notes, had a mayor development vs. the ones that took their notes on a computer. As per as other experiments performed by other investigators that also compared the taking notes techniques, compared to the ones that take notes using a keyboard, those that take handwritten notes learn better and hold the information longer, they also get new ideas easily.

“Handwritten notes capture my way of thinking better than the typed ones”, said Kenneth Kiewra, psychologist from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, who studies the differences on the ways of taking notes and organize information.

However, in the present, almost all students from the universities use laptop computers. Classes in a conference way are the main vehicle for the instructions and the noise of the keyboards taking notes is the soundtrack of the superior education.

Investigators have found that in general, the persons that take typed notes on a laptop can follow up the class more easily vs. the ones that use a pen or a pencil. College students type around 33 words per minute compared to the ones that take handwritten notes, they only write 22 words per minute.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, an entrepreneur from Mexico and president of Grupo Denim, recalls when he was a student and the importance of always taking notes, “My notebook was my best friend, it was like a bible to me, I couldn’t survived my classes without my notes. I know that we have computers and tablets in the present, but I guess I will always keep on taking handwritten notes, I just can’t help it”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.