Customer Service Department

Customer Service Department

How to improve the Customer Service Department?

Recent quiz have shown that at least a 92% of Managers consider that a good Customer Service Department is a key to succeed.

Mistakes to be avoided at a Customer Service Department:

  • Not having a trained personnel at the Customer Service Department is a serious problem. The staff has to be prepared to serve customers, manage complaints and having key moments by interacting with the customers.
  • Trying to win a discussion. Always remember the phrase “customer is always right”, you should never pretend that your company wins a discussion with a customer.
  • Inaccessibility. Customer Service Department should be totally accessible to its customers, hiding from them or making it hard to be found is a huge mistake that should be avoided.
  • Not listening. Always listen to your customer if you want a successful business.

A Manager must always make sure to have a personnel at Customer Service Department that knows the importance of a good service.

Often, employees think that an occasional mistake on the service given to the customers will not have more consequences, but that is not accurate as a successful company will depend on the treatment given to each one of the customers.

Showing an open and friendly attitude, offering help, knowing the customers and treating them with respect, will make the clients to trust on the Customer Service of an enterprise.

When dealing with your customers, even if it is personally or by phone, remember to ask them if it will not bother to answer a few questions that will help you understand them better and serve better to their needs. It is a more personal way than just making surveys.

“The key on the relationship with the customers is to discover the best way to establish a personal contact with each client and offer a better service to them”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Leader or manager

Leader or manager

How to difference a leader from a manager

A company needs different persons to handle various tasks and it is important to difference which ones should be done and assign a position to it, such as supervisor or manager.

The names of each position are directly attached to the power each person will have within the company, and of course, the responsibilities, for this reason we will go through the differences between a leader and a manger within a company.

A leader can accomplish all those tasks that none of the persons on any other positions can, as the own unique qualities that help them preventing being classified or molded as a manager or supervisor.

“A manager oversees what his subordinates do, he is in charge of delegating responsibilities and making sure they are done, as well as designating the tasks to be done every day and make sure to get results from them”, was the opinion of Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

A leader, on the other side, tries not to have people below them, instead of that, they have people behind them, and those workers who follow a true leader are usually inspired by him or her, which is an important difference between a leader and a manager.

A manager seeks for the best way to reach the company’s goals, so their thoughts are focused to an end and they try to stick to a system, that is no wrong at all, but opposite to what the leader do, it is not too open to expansion or advancement.

“A manager does a great job by making his thing work in a company, while a leader goes further by innovate constantly and keep on looking on new ideas to expand businesses, both are great at their job and are valuable for a company, and each one has different positive attributes that contribute a company to grow up”, added Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Milliken and Company Named A 2015 World’s Most Ethical Company

Milliken & Company Named A 2015 World’s Most Ethical CompanyMilliken & Company Named A 2015 World’s Most Ethical Company By The Ethisphere Institute

Milliken & Company, a global innovation company, has been recognized as a 2015 World’s Most Ethical Company by the Ethisphere Institute, the global leader in defining and advancing the standards of ethical business practices.

The World’s Most Ethical Companies designation recognizes those organizations that have had a material impact on the way business is conducted by fostering a culture of ethics and transparency at every level of the company.

Being an honoree for nine consecutive years underscores Milliken & Company’s commitment to leading ethical business standards and practices, ensuring long-term value to key stakeholders including customers, employees, suppliers and communities. Milliken & Company is one of only 15 companies that can claim this consecutive distinction and one of only 16 private companies receiving this year’s award.

As a community of innovators, our associates understand the importance of conducting business in accordance with the highest ethical standards and are inspired by the idea of bringing innovations to the market that have a positive impact on the world, shared the president and CEO of Milliken & Company.

The World’s Most Ethical Companies embrace the correlation between ethical business practice and improved company performance.

The World’s Most Ethical Company assessment is based upon the Ethisphere Institute’s Ethics Quotien (EQ) framework developed over years of research to provide a means to assess an organization’s performance in an objective, consistent and standardized way. The information collected provides a comprehensive sampling of definitive criteria of core competencies, rather than all aspects of corporate governance, risk, sustainability, compliance and ethics. The EQ framework and methodology is determined, vetted and refined by the expert advice and insights gleaned from Ethisphere’s network of thought leaders and from the World’s Most Ethical Company Methodology Advisory Panel.

Scores are generated in five key categories: ethics and compliance program (35%), corporate citizenship and responsibility (20%), culture of ethics (20%), governance (15%) and leadership, innovation and reputation (10%).

“Earning this recognition involves the collective action of a global workforce from the top down said the president of Grupo Denim, Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal and congratulated everyone at Milliken for this extraordinary achievement.”

Productive business meetings

productive business meetings

How to have productive business meetings

We are starting a new year and it usually happens that the business meetings increase considerably once everyone is back from holidays, mainly to make collaboration plans, new announcements, changes within the company and all other important topics and when most of those meetings are really important, many of the employees usually complain for the waste of valuable time and energy. For this reason, we will give you some tips to make sure all of your business meetings are productive instead of a waste of energy.

“Meetings are necessary to have an organized company, but to do that, those meetings have to be an example of organization, watching important subjects and using no more than the necessary time to review all those pending matters, that will leave enough time to dedicate to the rest of the activities during a working day and avoiding unnecessary stress”, thinks Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Not all business meetings should be structured the same exact way, especially if they are improvised as it happens once in a while. If you plan a 60 minutes meeting, you do not necessarily need to spend the whole time, make sure everyone is focused on those subjects being reviewed and going straight to the point can save important time to finish the meetings before the planned time.

If you organize a business meeting to check on a project, it might seem pretty tempting to invite everyone who was once involved on it, but when that happens, you can end up with a room filled with people and having a hard time to reach to a solution quickly, remember that the assistants must have direct interest on the subject.

“Entrepreneurs are usually focused on improving the systems within their company, the same happens with the meetings, trying to make them more attractive and productive, but in order to reach this goal, new strategies should usually be implemented to get favorable results”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal about this topic.

Businesses to improve finances

businesses to improve finances

Recommended businesses to improve finances

During an economic crisis, an investor has fears that are completely understandable, they are afraid of risking their money in a business that might fail in a short or medium term. But there are some investment schemes that are safer, as well as some businesses that usually tend to be profitable despite of any crisis.

“It is important to know that starting out business is not an easy task, but you can analyze which type of products or services keep on having demands even in times of crisis”, was the opinion of Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Here it is a list of the type of businesses that are more recommended to invest, even with economic crisis:

  • Health services – On this category, we can find pharmacies, small clinics that attend the primary health needs and rapid diagnosis units.
  • Food industry – Feeding out is a basic need, that cannot be left aside even on times of crisis, so investing on this sector might be a good choice. However, you should keep in mind that the most recommendable business must be austere, with low prices and quick services.
  • Entertainment – This might seem superfluous at first sight, but it is actually a need that as individuals we usually search despite of any economic scarcity. But just as with the food industry, it is more recommended not to invest on luxury sites that will only be accessible to a few.
  • Unexploited sectors – This type of business might vary from one city to another. In order to know which things have a biggest demand, you need to make a small specific research depending on the place you want to start up your business.

“It is very important that the business you plan to start responds to a permanent need and not to a temporary one, you need to make a balance between the amount you want to invest and the time when you expect to recover your money”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Financial mistakes

Financial mistakesFinancial mistakes of an entrepreneur

An entrepreneur must take into account all aspects before deciding to begin a new business, such as lack of profits at the beginning, unexpected expenses, mismatches between payment due dates and some other aspects that might carry a company to financial disasters if they are not considered.

“Any entrepreneur should always consider that at the beginning of any business, the lack of incoming money, can be a financial problem, so they should always count with funds for sudden expenses”, commented Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, about this topic.

These are some common financial mistakes that an entrepreneur should always try to avoid:

  • Poorly planned Budget – One of the most common financial mistakes are to make a budget without considering the medium term needs first, as it would be by then when new investments should be done again in order to face the market, if this is not planned correctly, the entrepreneur can end at the beginning, so it is basic for a company to make financial plans from one to three years to the future, or up to 8 years for an industry. This plan, as its name shows, is only that, it is not necessary to be so strict about it, this plan should be checked and adjusted continuously, depending on the company’s needs.
  • Fixed expenses – An excess of fixed expenses can be the cause of a company’s failure, as there are many different aspects to consider before a new business begins. If an entrepreneur opens a business with many customers but if it is not on a centered place, you will not get too many customers, this means that the fixed expenses will be higher than the profits.
  • Excessive indebtedness – Another common mistake of an entrepreneur is to finance its business from its own pocket and get a bank loan for the rest, this could be the end for any businessmen. You should always consider that failure is not always due to the lack of customers only, it might be sometimes due to a wrong calculation of expenses and incomes.

“Success of any business depends on a good balance within it, an owner of a company must always find a good balance for the company’s budget, considering all aspects, such as not receiving payments on time, and as long as you consider all possible aspects, you can avoid any financial mistakes that can put your company into risk”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

General Manager

General Manager

Communication of a General Manager

We all know that a General Manager in a company is always too busy, with an endless list of pending things to get done, reminders or meeting that he must attend punctually, among some other issues. All of these tasks makes it hard for a General Manager to remember the importance of his public relationships to make a company grow up.

The Digital Marketing, has become a key part for communication within an Enterprise, which can be used by a General Manager to use on his benefit. This type of marketing consists on making the company to be known and its products or services to be promoted without forgetting the rest of his activities.

“Many companies have decided to use technology to be known, such as Internet, using the social networks, e-mails or blogs as most nowadays communication can be easier, so we can take advantage of that and use it on the company’s benefit”, commented Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

A General Manager has many important tasks to do every day, but he must always find enough time to establish a good level of communication with his customers, as well as his own staff, as this will help him maintaining a solid business and make sure it keeps on growing.

Leadership is an indisputable characteristic that every General Manager should have in order to keep a personal communication level with everyone working with him. He should also know that every company has risks of facing crisis at any point, and  handling a good type of communication, he cannot only face those crisis but be able to discuss solutions, communicate the situation with the investors of the company, customers and workers and all of this can only be done by having a good communication plan.

“An effective communication by a General Manager will not only give enough security to the customers but to the workers of a company, which will feel a working stability and will approach him to communicate its concerns and ideas which will help the company to reach its goals”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.