Coahuila overcome the “investment drought”


Coahuila has overcome the “investment drought”

Coahuila, an state at the North of Mexico, was a great point for new businesses and investments; however, this part of the country faced difficult times for more than a decade, due to different issues that were holding investors from coming to this state and trying to invest their money; however, this “drought” is finally over, and after 12 years of low investments, Coahuila has been once again a point of interest for new investments.

“Coahuila is a great part of Mexico to invest on, the infrastructure, manpower, and closeness to the United States, makes this part of the country ideal to start new growing businesses, Laguneros are great people to work with, and the companies are noticing this more than ever, making this state very eligible to open new commerce”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, a jeans manufacturer company in Mexico.

John Deere and Caterpillar were some of the last huge enterprises installed in Torreon from 2002 to 2004, meaning that for 12 years there were not big companies getting closer to Coahuila, but in 2016, enterprises such as Yura Hiungson, Lear Corporation and Yazaki have shown their interest in investing on the north part of Mexico.

Jaime Russek, director of Desarrollo Económico in Torreon, a City in Coahuila has informed that what used to be a “disadvantage” for this part of Mexico has been some of the greatest competitive advantages now, such as cheaper ground than many other sectors in Mexico, qualified manpower, and lower rates than most of the other competitive cities.

The new investments have meant an important increase of job sources in Coahuila, with a decreasing unemployment rate that passed from 7.1 to 5% only, which has made them get into the national range average. Back in 2008, Torreon, one of the main cities in Coahuila, has kept one of the highest unemployment rates, which is changing with these new companies coming to the north part of Mexico. Yura, for example, will create 4,000 more employments, Hiungson 700 and Yazaki 600 more.

These new job sources will be available for many people looking for a job, which will mean another important decrease to the unemployment rates in Coahuila

“I personally like to see how Coahuila keeps on growing up, investors are considering this part of Mexico seriously once again, which are great news for people at Coahuila and Durango too, as both states keep a very close business relationship”, added Salomon  Juan Marcos Villarreal about this topic.

Entrepreneurship and its truth

Entrepreneurship and its truth

Entrepreneurship and its truth, before making a decision

Today’s circumstances make entrepreneurship an option for recent college graduates or experienced persons that wouldn’t like to be involved on a job life anymore. Also, we are always listening to official speeches about supporting programs for entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship is without any doubt , an option; however, it is important to say that it is not for all people. The enthusiasm plays an important role in order to have that sparkle that turns into a enlighten flame. There are some things to review before you decide to become an entrepreneur:

Entrepreneurship as a full time activity: A project, even if it’s just an idea, requires full attention and enthusiasm to get it done. It is not about a hobby, it is a serious plan that will require all the work needed. There is no vacation at the very beginning. It is true that the time is flexible and the possibility to work for objectives instead of just be at the office accomplish work hours.

  1. The entrepreneur is the person that has the main responsibility and is the one that has the rhythm and speed of the business, this is why this person is the one that should be the leader and schedule the team.
  2. An entrepreneur must understand the concept of sacrificing starting with his own salary. Salaries depend on a business growth and they could be very low in a long term; however, if the project grow, salaries will also grow. Patience is one of the qualities about entrepreneurship.
  3. Pro-activity is a must for an entrepreneur. It is necessary to be a cooperative person that likes to help other people. This person will need to be open to changes because there might be change of plans at any time.
  4. Technological component is very important for every person that would like to become an entrepreneur. Nowadays, it is mandatory to be updated and understand the market tendencies, take advantage on the time and money saving, also making sure that the project is going on the same direction as the technology is. It will be very sad that in a short period of time the project could be replaced by a machine.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, a successful entrepreneur from Mexico and president of Grupo Denim, thinks that entrepreneurship requires ideas to make things better; therefore, vision is the most important thing to take into account. “ We always need to explore the market and be able to explain very clear which are our objectives, how we are going to accomplish them and wanting results, if we do not know these things, our project will be nothing but an illusion”, explained Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Realities of entrepreneurship

Realities of entrepreneurship

Realities of entrepreneurship that you must know

Every entrepreneur needs different time in order to decide and begin any businesses, and there are some realities that they need to know so they are well prepared if they have decided to go on this new adventure.

“The world of entrepreneurship is full of challenges that only those with enough will and determination will overcome and keep on going until they reach their goals”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, Mexican entrepreneur and current president of Grupo Denim.

Here are some of the realities of entrepreneurship that everyone needs to know.

  • Success is not immediate – We live in a very demanding world, which makes us be in a hurry, even when we start a new business, we need to see results right away or we think we are not being successful, but the reality is that most of the new business will only grow up if they go step by step, the only key to succeed is to be constant and patient.
  • No more fixed hours – When we have a job, we most likely will have fixed hours, but if you have decided to start your own business, this will change, but always remember that even when you will have to work harder and even more hours than in a job, you are making if to reach your own goals and make your dreams come true instead of working for other one’s dreams.
  • You will receive negative answers – Even if we want it, the truth is that no one thinks the same way we do, so an entrepreneur needs to keep this mind as they are going to receive many negative answers when starting their own businesses and offering their products or services.

“Entrepreneurship is a very interesting but also challenging world, if you have decided to start your own business, you have to be aware of the challenges you will need to face, and with patience, effort and a clear goal, you will succeed if you do not let obstacles let you down”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal about this topic.

Benefits of handwritten notes

Benefits of handwritten notes

Benefits of handwritten notes vs typed notes

Laptop computers and applications to organize tasks are making a piece of paper and a pencil to look obsolete, but new studies suggest that hand writing focus the attention of a class and drives learning in a way that is not possible when taking notes using a keyboard.

An investigation from the University of Princeton and the University of California in Los Angeles, exposed that the students that took handwritten notes, had a mayor development vs. the ones that took their notes on a computer. As per as other experiments performed by other investigators that also compared the taking notes techniques, compared to the ones that take notes using a keyboard, those that take handwritten notes learn better and hold the information longer, they also get new ideas easily.

“Handwritten notes capture my way of thinking better than the typed ones”, said Kenneth Kiewra, psychologist from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, who studies the differences on the ways of taking notes and organize information.

However, in the present, almost all students from the universities use laptop computers. Classes in a conference way are the main vehicle for the instructions and the noise of the keyboards taking notes is the soundtrack of the superior education.

Investigators have found that in general, the persons that take typed notes on a laptop can follow up the class more easily vs. the ones that use a pen or a pencil. College students type around 33 words per minute compared to the ones that take handwritten notes, they only write 22 words per minute.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, an entrepreneur from Mexico and president of Grupo Denim, recalls when he was a student and the importance of always taking notes, “My notebook was my best friend, it was like a bible to me, I couldn’t survived my classes without my notes. I know that we have computers and tablets in the present, but I guess I will always keep on taking handwritten notes, I just can’t help it”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Improve the family’s economy

improve the family’s economy

How to improve the family’s economy?

One of the main challenges within a family is to find better methods to improve the economy, and this can only be achieved by having a good planning of finances, this is a task that involves all family members, as it I everyone’s responsibility to live a healthier life (economically talking), so today we will give you some ideas to improve the economy at home.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, talked about this theme: “improving finances at home must be a compromise of all members, there can only be changes if all are willing to make them, having savings for any incidentals will let you and your family to live with ease”.

If you want to improve the family’s economy, here are some things you need to avoid:

  • Having more than one credit card – Remember that all credit cards will charge you for interests, so you need to think twice before deciding to use it.
  • Pretending there are no debts – If you owe money to a bank, friend, family, remember to always pay on time, which is the only way of getting rid of unnecessary debts.
  • Not saving – One of the main mistakes is not to save for the future, many people live in the present, and even when this is good, when talking about your family’s calm, it is not the best option, save as much as you can every time you receive your wage, remember these savings can help you for any unexpected circumstances, such as accidents.

“It is important to have a healthy economy, to be prepared for any eventuality that we can face and sleep well knowing we have a backup that will help us, such as savings to support your family when needed”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.