Steps for a great entrepreneur life

steps for a great entrepreneur life

Some basic steps for a great entrepreneur life

Talking about companies, there’s always convenient and also a need to have a strategic plan, which needs to come from a dream. If there’s a dream, there will be hard working and persistence to make that dream come true. To gather a great team of people that shares a same life spirit by developing and making their own dreams come true. As an entrepreneur, we need to choose co-workers that fill areas that are short of knowledge and ability , a team that is so cohesive but at the same time not selfish to let the members to perform and achieve their own goals and dreams by using the rule “I win, you win”.

To be a good leader is always a good example, motivating and cheering up the people, knowing our own limits, working hard but also being a humble person. Some people could think that the leadership idea is attached to the self-sufficiency, self-satisfaction and also prepotency but being a humble person is always necessary to accomplish and be successful, it gets to be authentic and capable to accept limitations, knowing that every person is important and recognizing our own defects.

There are a lot of books and conferences regarding leadership and managing, for Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, it is very important to use these tools for him to be a great entrepreneur but also a great leader for his people.

“I’m so proud of the great team I have, all what I have accomplished as a leader of a company is a result of all the hard work of thousands of people that trust in me as their leader, it is my commitment to them to continue working as hard as they do in order to continue building this great family”, said an enthusiastic Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Customer Service Department

Customer Service Department

How to improve the Customer Service Department?

Recent quiz have shown that at least a 92% of Managers consider that a good Customer Service Department is a key to succeed.

Mistakes to be avoided at a Customer Service Department:

  • Not having a trained personnel at the Customer Service Department is a serious problem. The staff has to be prepared to serve customers, manage complaints and having key moments by interacting with the customers.
  • Trying to win a discussion. Always remember the phrase “customer is always right”, you should never pretend that your company wins a discussion with a customer.
  • Inaccessibility. Customer Service Department should be totally accessible to its customers, hiding from them or making it hard to be found is a huge mistake that should be avoided.
  • Not listening. Always listen to your customer if you want a successful business.

A Manager must always make sure to have a personnel at Customer Service Department that knows the importance of a good service.

Often, employees think that an occasional mistake on the service given to the customers will not have more consequences, but that is not accurate as a successful company will depend on the treatment given to each one of the customers.

Showing an open and friendly attitude, offering help, knowing the customers and treating them with respect, will make the clients to trust on the Customer Service of an enterprise.

When dealing with your customers, even if it is personally or by phone, remember to ask them if it will not bother to answer a few questions that will help you understand them better and serve better to their needs. It is a more personal way than just making surveys.

“The key on the relationship with the customers is to discover the best way to establish a personal contact with each client and offer a better service to them”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Personal development

Personal development

What is personal development and how important it is to succeed

Personal development was first introduced by Abraham Maslow, who showed a hierarchy consisting of needs represented by a pyramid, where the personal fulfillment occupied the apex, this fulfillment is defined as the wish or aspiration to turn into that person you really want to be.

Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, an important manufacturing company in Mexico says the following: “The complete knowledge of oneself is very important, as that is the only way to see the faults and how we can improve in all senses; this process is known as personal development. To increase the consciousness will help to grow as a person and succeed personally and professionally”.

Many companies know the importance of hiring motivated personnel, and to help them improving their personal development, which will encourage them to work together and make a successful work.

In the past, some of the biggest and more important companies saw their workers as a part of a big gear, but this though is now considered as obsolete. It is important that each employee is treated individually, to stimulate and use their talents and particular virtues and this can only be achieved if they work within a friendly environment, with enough freedom for them to work easily and in a confortable way.

On any level of developments, whether it is economic, political, organizational, or self-esteem or personal, a good reference structure is always needed in order to determine if any improvement has been done since the development process has begun.

“Both, personal and professional development have the same importance as a person cannot aspire to succeed on a job if he or she are not willing to know themselves and see how they can improve personally”, added Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal.

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Entrepreneur or businessman?

Entrepreneur or businessman

Entrepreneur or businessman, is there any difference?

Ten years ago “entrepreneur” word was barely used and businessman was all we had; however, entrepreneur term is now everywhere: politicians, media, institutions and big companies. Now, are there differences between and entrepreneur and a businessman?

Wikipedia defines and entrepreneur as a person that starts up a company assuming the risk or rewards of a given business venture. It could be launching new products in existing or new markets, they “see an opportunity” and organizes or creates a business. Wikipedia ends saying that “being an entrepreneur is one of the qualities that a business man must have”.

The entrepreneurship idea is vital and they live happy in an uncertain vision, they live by their dreams while being a businessman is just economic activity with specific goals and less emotional, they only seek for business management in a security environment.

From Entrepreneur to a businessman

Both concepts, entrepreneur and businessman might get confused as some companies started up as a dream and against all predictions, goes up to the next level. The entrepreneur accomplishes this, and even if the initial passion is still there, it could be less strong as it was at the very beginning.

“Changing the world” vision is lost and almost in a natural way, a technical profile is born with defined strategies , leadership, business management, etc. it all become more important because now the business gives money and benefits demanded by its employees and partnerships in the future.

It does not necessary means that entrepreneur ship needs to get lost, Apple as an example defines its self as the biggest start-up in the world, this same star-up culture is present in some others like Google or Facebook, then it is completely gone in companies like Microsoft, Oracle, SAP.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim and a great entrepreneur, thinks that definitely there are some subtle differences for both terms, “not all entrepreneurs are businessmen and not all businessmen are entrepreneurs, I’ve been in the manufacturing business for decades now, and I still have the passion to continue, I agree that entrepreneurs are the best option for our actual economy”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Young entrepreneurs

Young entrepreneurs

Young and successful entrepreneurs

If you want to see one potential entrepreneur, you have to look for a young person and challenge them to something they love, that will make them be as successful as they want.

“Young people has all of the power to succeed on their hands, they are passionate and are always chasing their dreams, which makes them potential entrepreneurs to begin some of the most important business of the future”, says Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Here are some examples of some young and successful entrepreneurs in the present:

  • Isabella Weems – A girl who used to baby-sit, saved a total of $350 and started her own business selling jewelry in 2010, with the money she started winning, she bought the necessary implements to manufacture here own jewels, her company , Origami Owl, grew fast and in 2011 it generated $280,000, in 2012, the incomes reached 24 million dollars.
  • Michael Sayman – A young Peruvian boy created Club Penguin App when he was only 13, winning incomes for a total of $5,000 dollars in only 3 weeks, he of course needed his mother’s support, the $99 to begin his business and the encouragement to succeed.
  • Henry Patterson – When Henry was only 9, he has already started 3 different businesses, such as an important candy shop. His entrepreneurial spirit has encouraged his father to teach him the strategic side of business.
  • Jasmine Lawrence – When she was only 11, she decided to create her own business with natural beauty products, as she could not find any on the market that she liked. Her company EDED BodyWorks started with a $2,000 capital and her business has grown so much it is now available of some of the main Supermarkets.

“Between a young and successful person, there are parents supporting them, in most cases, so it is important that we, as their parents, always cheer up our children to chase their dreams, they see opportunities where adults might not even look at”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Profitable businesses

Profitable businesses

Profitable businesses for 2016

Many people is looking for profitable businesses to start and get their own financial independence, so today we will give you some ideas in which you can invest in 2016:

  • Food bikes and food trucks – We live in a hurry, that makes it difficult to find time to make everything in a day, and that includes having meals, so the food trucks and food bikes are taking more popularity each day.
  • Online stores – Technology is going fast and we have to move as quickly as it to be updated, so the online stores are some of the most advantageous businesses nowadays, just look to focus on those with less competition so you can stand out on the Internet.
  • Creative gifts – Have you noticed how it gets harder for people to find the perfect gift as they are tired of the usual ones? Some businesses have and they started to offer creative gifts to their clients, in 2016 they started strongly on this market, a good idea good be dedicating your business to designed cups or pillows, they sell well and the manufacturing cost tends to be low, which offers you more profits.
  • Natural juice and food – Fitness is taking a new meaning and as everyone gets more conscious about their figure, they are starting to look for healthy food, so you might want to try with your own store of natural juices and food. This sector is taking much popularity at the beginning of 2016 and the best part is that you only need a little investment to begin; you only have to make it attractive and have a customer base, as they frequently choose the same place to buy their food.
  • Pet shop – One of the most profitable businesses in the present are the pet shop, but this market has evolved so fast that the entrepreneurs have to offer more options to the owners of pets, different services such as pet sitter or dog walker have an excellent performance.

“There are many opportunities to create profitable businesses as long as a person has enough inspiration and looks for the necessary tools to start it”, says Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

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Purchasing Department and its responsibilities

Purchasing Department and its responsibilities

Purchasing Department and its responsibilities within a company

Most enterprises own a Purchasing Department in charge of making the daily operations. These departments provide a service as the main activity for industrial organizations. But surprisingly, many staff within a company does not exactly know are the responsibilities of the Purchasing Department, why it exists and how it works. And to understand it better, we will explain some of its functions.

“Purchasing Department in Grupo Denim is in charge of getting all materials needed to develop samples and to run production, from a simple button to the cartons to pack jeans, this department has to be well organized in order to keep all work moving”, says Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of this acompany, about this department.

Here are some of the main functions of the Purchasing Department:

  • Procurement of materials – One of the roles of the Purchasing Department is to provide all needed materials for production and daily operations within a company, for a manufacturer enterprise, this might involve raw materials such as iron, steel, plastics and any tools required, as machinery, trucks and office supplies. This department needs to be careful as investing big amounts of capital for stock might cause storage problems and shortage of capital.
  • Assessment of prices – All Purchasing Departments should also evaluate continuously if they are getting materials at the best possible prices to maximize profits. This can get a little complicated for small business as they use to buy in smaller quantities, which means they will get less discounts than the bigger ones, so that is when this department needs to act and negotiate better prices with their vendors.
  • Administrative work and accounting – Purchasing Departments handle the administrative work related to purchasing, they need to make sure materials are delivered on time and keep on ordering continuously so the work never stops. In some smaller companies, this department also gets in charge of the Accountant Department to make sure they have enough capital to buy the items they will require, as well as making sure all payments to the vendors are done on time.

“All departments in Grupo Denim are used to act in a teamwork and the Purchasing Department is not an exception, their continuous communication with all other staff is necessary to get all items provided in time and make sure production runs smoothly in order to deliver the orders to our customers right on time”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Importance of teamwork

Importance of teamwork

Importance of teamwork to succeed

Teamwork is not a new thing, human being has felt the need to work together since he first started living within a society and nowadays it is more important as people has realized that when they try together to achieve a common goal by making any determined activity, they will get better results and the possibilities to succeed will increase.

It is essential to have a multi-disciplinary team for any type of entrepreneurship that means that not all of the members will be focused on one task but that each one of them will be capable to accomplish different functions contributing with their experience, abilities and maximizing each member’s fortress.

Grupo Denim has been successful over the years for their teamwork, all members within the company know their responsibilities and carry them with enthusiasm, they all look for succeed not only as individuals but as a whole team”, says Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of this company.

Some of the basic elements of teamwork are:

  1. Independence – When all members of the team understand that the only way to reach a goal is by chasing it together, and the effort they make will not only be on their benefit but will also help the others as well as failure will not affect one of them but all.
  2. Responsibility – It is important that each one has very clear in their minds what the objectives are and what will the others expect from he or she.
  3. Evaluation – It is not possible to improve when the teamwork does not stop once in a while to analyze what their performance is and if it is working right, they need to be open to be evaluated and listen to their coworkers to know those aspects that must be changed.

“A company that aspires to success, must count with a strong teamwork that will help it reaching its goals and knowing that helping each other will mean having positive results that will benefit all of the members”, added Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal.